Red Velvet celebrate 100 days since debut

Red Velvet members with their messages to fans to celebrate 100 days (141108) since the group’s official debut.

Red Velvet group 100 days debut celebration

Red Velvet Irene 100 days debut celebration
Hello~ This is Irene. From the unforgettable August 1, 2014 to now, thank you for always sending positive energy. Thank you for being our strength. I, Irene, will work hard to also give you guys positive energy. Don’t get sick. I hope you all become happy people. Thank you~♥

Red Velvet Seulgi 100 days debut celebration
Hello, this is Seulgi~ The unforgettable August 1st. I can’t believe it’s been a 100 days since I debuted!! It’s all thanks to everyone who works hard for us, and our fans who love us, right? I’ll pay this back by showing you only a hard-working me for the next 1000, 2000 days~ Thank you so much, and I love you ♥ Red Velvet forever~ ever~ ever!

Red Velvet Wendy 100 days debut celebration
Hello~ This is Red Velvet’s Wendy! Wow… I can’t believe it’s already been a 100 days since we’ve debuted. It feels like yesterday that I got up on stage with a trembling heart… I think time flies so fast!! I think we were able to come here because of our members that are always there for each other, all the people who help us out, and our fans who give us a lot of support and love. I thank you and thank you again~ We’ll become an even harder working Red Velvet and Wendy in order to continue to receive love from you guys just like the beginning, and in the future. Please watch over us~

Red Velvet Joy 100 days debut celebration
Hello~ This is Joy!! I still feel like my debut stage was a dream, but it’s already 100 days!!!! Thank you so much for giving us much love from August 1st, our debut day, to nowㅠㅠ♥ Just like this, let’s forever be together~~~ I’m always thankful, thankful, and thankfulㅎㅎ I love you♥♥♥!!!

Credit: SMTOWN & Jinhee (Tumblr/translation)